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Riggor Mortiss and Nyte Angel say "Goodbye" to their old set

The official "BLOOPER REEL"has some very funny goof ups and some even MORE hilarious goofing off. Everything from strange "noises" to a male Owl searching for a mate, and Riggor is calling him closer and closer to the set!!

   The ultimate, final deciding factor for scrapping the beginner set? The roof caved in. It was a very old woodshed.

Remember the set that had the cool blue blocks and the straight-on view?

Well, Riggor and Nyte have bid the design "Adieu". Not because the look was unliked, but the plain, simple fact is this: It was a lean-to garden tractor shed. It was narrow. So narrow in fact, that the tripod that holds the video camera barely fits in front of the coffin. The roof was so low, that Riggor had actually bumped his noggin a few times upon rising from his "daybed".


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